Plumber's Invoicing Guide: Free Plumbing Invoice Template Included

January 15, 2024

As a plumbing business or professional, it's crucial to create and send plumbing invoices to your customers to get paid in time for your plumbing services. Learn how to create a professional plumbing invoice using our free plumbing invoice.

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The Process on How to Create Plumbing Invoices

Plumbing professionals send invoices essential to getting paid and maintaining good customer relationships. A well-crafted plumbing invoice quickly communicates the plumbing services provided, payment terms, and other crucial details that customers need to know.

This article will cover what should be included on plumbing invoices for a professional plumbing job. We will also look at tips for writing a good plumbing invoice and when to send it.

Finally, we'll provide a free plumbing invoice template to help you get started.

What Should Be Included on an Invoice for a Plumbing Business

Creating a Plumbing Invoice

A perfect plumbing invoice for a professional plumbing service should include the details below:

Client Name and Contact Information

This should include the client's full name or company name(if applicable), as well as their address, phone number, and email address.

Plumbing Services Completed

A detailed description of the plumbing service requested by the client should be included on the invoice. This should consist of any materials or services rendered during the plumbing job.

Date of Service

The service date of when the plumbing work has been completed should be listed on the invoice.

Payment Terms

This should include what type of payment is accepted (cash, check, credit card, etc.) and any applicable discounts or payment plans for which the client may be eligible.

If you require a down payment for your plumbing services, include that in your invoice as well.

Add the payment instructions to your plumbing invoice to increase the chances of getting paid quicker.

Total Cost and Breakdown of Materials and Services

The service's total cost should be listed on the invoice, with a breakdown of all plumbing work details, such as materials used, services provided, and labor costs.

To ensure you are getting paid correctly, add any applicable taxes, such as the sales tax for the services provided. The tax percentage may differ depending on the country you provide your plumbing services.

Plumber's Contact Details

The name or business name(if applicable) and contact information of the plumber who performed the service should be included on the invoice in case any issues need to be resolved.

Invoice Number

Each plumbing invoice should have a unique invoice number used to track it later for accounting purposes. This will help ensure accuracy and accountability when dealing with complicated plumbing jobs.


The invoice should include a space for the client's signature, indicating that they accept the terms and conditions of the job.

By including the above information on an invoice for a professional plumbing service, the plumber and client can easily keep track of any services rendered and ensure payment is received promptly.

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Why Should Plumbers Send Professional Invoices

Plumber Conducting Plumbing Services

Plumbers need to be able to present themselves in the best light possible if they want to succeed in the competitive plumbing industry.

Here's why plumbers need to send professional invoices:

Boost Professionalism and Credibility

Sending a professional sales invoice shows clients that you are an experienced and organized business owner with attention to detail, which can be extremely important for plumbing contracts.

Improved Relationships

Professional plumbing invoices should not just be an afterthought; they are an opportunity to remind the client of the fantastic job you have done for them and to strengthen your relationship with them.

Improved Payments

Sending an aesthetically pleasing invoice can encourage customers to pay you more quickly and on time, as they will be more likely to remember it when they look at their pending bills.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

You promote yourself as an established plumbing professional by including your logo, contact information, and a consistent look in your invoices.

By sending professional invoices, plumbing professionals can ensure they have the best chance of making a good impression on customers and getting paid on time.

Invoicing Tips for a Plumbing Company

Managing invoices for a plumbing business can take time and effort. Here are some tips that can help streamline the process.

1. Use a consistent format for invoices. This helps create a professional image for your business and makes it easier to keep track of payments.

2. Create an organized filing system for invoices. This helps you stay organized and makes it easier to find invoices if a customer has questions or disputes.

3. Automate the billing process. This eliminates the need to manually prepare and send invoices, reducing errors and saving time.

4. Offer flexible payment options to your customers. This gives them a chance to pay with their preferred method, which can help ensure that payments are made on time.

5. Communicate with customers promptly by reminding them of the payment due date of your invoices, so you initiate receiving payments faster.  

With these tips, you can create a streamlined invoicing process for your plumbing business. This will help keep money flowing and customer satisfaction high.

When is the Right Time to Send an Invoice to your Plumbing Customers?

The best time to send an invoice to your plumbing customers is right after completing the plumbing job. Remember, you don't want to send invoice emails too late, which clients will forget in their inboxes and lead to payment delays.

One thing you want to ensure before sending your plumbing invoice is waiting long enough for the customer to have time to inspect your work and ensure that it meets their expectations. Once the customer is satisfied with your work, you can send the plumbing invoice.

Ensure to include all relevant information on the plumbing invoice, such as the job description, cost, payment due date, and late fee policy.

You should also include your contact information on the invoice if the customer has questions or needs assistance with paying the invoice.

Start Sending Plumbing Invoices in Bulk Using a Free Invoice Template

If you took notes on the invoicing tips mentioned above, you are ready to use our free invoice template.

Portant's Free Invoice Template

With Portant's advanced workflow capability, you can automate your invoicing process and save time and money in the long run without any technical background. 

This is especially beneficial if you have a lot of clients and need to send invoices in bulk.

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Writing a professional and accurate plumbing invoice is essential for getting paid on time after offering plumbing services. By following the steps above and using our free plumbing invoice template, you can quickly create professional invoices that make a good impression on customers.

It is also best to take advantage of helpful tips such as automating billing and offering flexible payment options to make the invoicing process more efficient. Following these tips will ensure that money flows smoothly and customers are satisfied with your services.

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