Removing repetition from reporting

Portant schedules requests from tools and people, so you can get back to the kind of work only humans can do.

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Create beautiful reports with less effort

It only takes one click to instal Portant's add-on to Office 365 or Google Workspace. Supercharge all your existing reports, documents and templates in 2 seconds flat.

Insights on all report data, including text 

Portant leverages Natural Language Processing methods and project data to identify when project status should be amber instead of green

Sentiment change analysis

Powered by AWS Comprehend, Portant tracks changes in description sentiment, detecting when project deviations start to occur in project delivery.

Track status over time

Portant tracks status over time to highlight which areas need more focus, and which areas should be congratulated for getting back on track.

Automate data sourcing from tools and people.

Project teams and managers can customise the reporting structure and set the cadence to match your organisation’s tempo.

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