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Simplify Your Legal Ops

Streamline key legal processes with Portant. Fast, accurate automation for contracts, compliance, e-signatures and more

Over 750,000 users have automated documents with Portant

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Automate Essential Legal Documents

Portant simplifies complex legal processes, allowing your team to focus on critical legal matters rather than mundane paperwork

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"Portant has been a game-changer for our business. We have saved countless hours by automating repetitive tasks."
Freccia Benn
Head of Strategy,
Enhanced Legal Docs

Optimize legal paperwork with fully-automated workflows

Fast Document Creation

Generate contracts and legal docs quickly using smart templates and custom workflows

Live tracking

Ensure all parties meet their contractual obligations with reminders and updates

Streamlined collaboration

Manage legal disputes effectively and improve communication with team collaboration

Accurate and Secure Legal Docs

Auto-generate accurate, error-free legal documents

AI-powered Clauses and Captions

Use Portant AI to generate professional clauses and provisions

Secure, Auto-filled Documents

Keep sensitive legal documents safe and accessible in Google Drive

Regular Legal Audits

Use automated workflows for efficient reviews, ensuring compliance and quickly pinpointing areas to for improvement.

Better Negotiation, Better Risk Management

Equip your legal team with the tools for success

Boost performance

Focus more time on favorable terms by connecting and automating your existing tools

Attention to Detail

Use templates and Portant AI to minimize errors and ambiguities in contracts

Better Risk Assessment

Work together to identify and manage potential legal and financial risks effectively

from Mutzhas, A.

"We now use Portant for all our  legal documents"

Hundreds of businesses are using Portant to streamline and automate their legal documents

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saved each year

2M+ docs

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“What a game changer!”

I am so impressed with what Portant does for my business.
Combrinck, M.

Portant is rated 4.8/5 stars on G2 reviews.

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Empower Your Legal Team Automated Workflows

Start optimizing your legal processes today to save time and headspace. Create, share and send important documents automatically. Blink — it's done!

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Stop doing it manually

Automatically create, manage and share all your tedious paperwork — today!

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