Logo Design Invoice Template: How to Invoice Your Clients as a Logo Designer

January 24, 2024

In this guide, you will learn what elements to include in your logo design invoice template, how to customize it, when to send your invoice and more.

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What is a Logo Design Invoice Template?

A logo design invoice template is a pre-designed document that incorporates all the necessary information for billing a client for logo design services. It typically includes sections for the logo design company's or freelancer name, address, and contact information, as well as the client's details.

A logo design invoice template also features a section for the invoice number, date, and specified payment terms, which is essential to get paid in a timely manner. 

Besides, it provides a breakdown of the logo design services offered, such as initial logo concepts, revisions, and final design files. 

In the design business, a template may also include sections for additional expenses incurred during the design process, such as stock images or fonts that weren’t planned initially. 

Using a logo design invoice template helps streamline the invoicing process, providing a professional-looking document that can be easily customized for each client. It also includes all the necessary billing information, making it easier for the logo design company and the client to keep track of payments and services rendered. 

Key Elements to Include in a Logo Design Invoice

When creating a logo design invoice, it is important to include key elements to ensure clarity and professionalism.

Here are the most important ones:

State Logo Design Services:

  • Provide an extensive description of the completed logo design work.
  • Specify any specific requests or changes made by the client.
Description Section of Portant's Invoice Template

Avoid confusion or disputes in your design business by clearly outlining the work you will complete for the client. 

Include Agreed-upon Fee:

  • Clearly state the fee for logo design services.
  • List all additional costs, including revisions or rush fees, to ensure you get paid properly.

A breakdown of costs in the invoice supports the client's understanding of the value of the logo design services they are paying for. 

Specify Payment Details:

  • Include the payment due date.
  • Mention acceptable methods of payment.
Payment terms sample in Portant's Invoice Template

Ensure prompt and hassle-free payment processing by including all the necessary payment details. 

Provide Your Contact Information:

  • Include name, business name, address, phone number, and email.
Business Information Field - Portant's Invoice Template Sample

Facilitate client communication for questions or concerns.

Express Gratitude:

  • Include a brief thank you note for the client's business in the notes section of the logo design invoice template.

Maintain a positive and professional relationship by showing appreciation to your client.

Demonstrate Transparency and Professionalism:

  • Effectively communicate project details through the invoice.
  • Ensure timely payment.

Exhibit a commitment to transparency and professionalism in business practices for both parties to enjoy working together. 

By including these key elements in a logo design invoice, designers can effectively communicate the project details, ensure timely payment, and demonstrate a commitment to transparency and professionalism in their business practices. 

At Portant we are driven to take the heavy workload out of businesses by providing automated solutions such as your logo design invoice creation process. 

Use our free logo design invoice template, where we added all the important information a professional invoice should contain, including the abovementioned elements.

Portant's Invoice Template Sample
Download the Invoice Template

Benefits of Using a Logo Design Invoice Template

Elevate Brand Perception:

  • A professional and well-designed invoice enhances the designer's brand perception, establishing credibility and trust, leading to repeat business and referrals.

Financial Tracking and Timely Payments:

  • Well-organized invoices help designers track finances and ensure timely payments, contributing to effective financial management.

Clear Communication with Clients:

  • Including all necessary details in the template, such as contact information, service breakdown, total amount, and payment terms, facilitates client understanding and reduces the likelihood of payment disputes.

Streamline Invoicing Process:

  • Using a template streamlines the invoicing process, saving time and effort. Designers can input relevant information, personalize it as needed, and send it off efficiently.

Focus on Creative Work:

  • The efficiency gained from a template allows designers to focus more on creative work, freeing up time for their core activities.

Professional and Organized Business Approach:

  • Overall, using a logo design invoice template contributes to a more professional and organized business approach, providing convenience and peace of mind for both the designer and clients.

How to Customize a Logo Design Invoice Template

To customize a logo design invoice template, choose a clean and professional layout that reflects your brand's aesthetic. Or use our free invoice template, which already contains a professional layout, so you don’t have to deal with that. 

Include a unique invoice number and issue date for record-keeping purposes. Make sure to itemize in detail the logo design services provided, such as the number of concepts, revisions, and final deliverables.

Customize the colors and font to match your brand's style, and don't forget to include your payment details for easy remittance.

Lastly, save the template for future use and confidently send it out to your clients. 

When is the Right Time to Send Your Logo Design Invoice   

The right time to send your logo design invoice is typically after you have completed the project and delivered the final files to the client. This ensures that you are only billing for the work that has been fully approved and finalized. 

Sending the invoice promptly after the project’s completion also helps to keep a steady cash flow for your business. It is essential to clearly outline the payment terms and due date on the invoice to avoid any confusion or delays in payment.

Communicating your issued invoice clearly to your customers when sending it via email demonstrates your professionalism and attention to detail in your business dealings. 

Effective Payment Methods for Logo Design Services

Effective payment methods for logo design services include direct bank transfers, PayPal, and credit card payments.

  1. Direct Bank Transfers - Direct bank transfers provide a secure way for clients to make payments directly from their accounts to the designer's account.
  2. PayPal - PayPal is a widely accepted online payment platform that offers buyers and sellers protection against fraud.
  3. Credit Card Payments - Credit card payments are convenient for clients and offer an added layer of security through the credit card company's fraud protection policies.

Offering various payment options allows clients to choose the method they are most comfortable with, ultimately making the payment process more efficient and seamless for logo design services.

Using Logo Design Invoice Templates vs. Creating Custom Invoices

To help you with your decision on creating your next logo design invoice we created a table outlining the differences between using logo design invoice templates and creating custom logo design invoices:

Aspect Logo Design Invoice Templates vs. Other Invoice Templates

Aspect Logo Design Invoice Templates Creating Custom Invoices
Time Efficiency Quick and efficient for sending out invoices. Requires more time and effort for each invoice creation.
Predefined Fields Includes necessary fields (hours, rates, project details). Requires manual setup but allows full customization of fields.
Personalization and Branding Limited customization options for personalization. Offers extensive personalization and branding opportunities.
Professional Appearance Standard appearance with a professional design. Can provide a manually polished and professional look if well-designed.
Terms and Conditions Typically follows generic terms; less specific to business. Allows inclusion of specific terms aligning with business practices.
Standardization Ensures a standardized format across all invoices. May result in varied formats unless strict guidelines are followed.
Alignment with Business Practices Limited alignment with unique billing procedures. Enables inclusion of specific terms ensuring business alignment.
Decision Factors Convenient and standardized, suits a quick invoicing process. Ideal for those prioritizing personalization and brand alignment.

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Logo Design Hourly Invoicing vs. Project-based Invoicing

In invoicing for logo design services, you will encounter two common methods: hourly and project-based invoicing.

Hourly invoicing involves charging the client for the time spent on the project, usually at a predetermined hourly rate. This method offers flexibility for projects with changing requirements or scope, but it can also lead to uncertainty for the client regarding the final cost.

Project-based invoicing involves charging a flat rate for the entire project, regardless of the time spent. This method provides more predictability for both the designer and the client, as the cost is determined upfront based on the project's scope. 

However, it may not account for any additional time or effort required if the project expands or encounters unexpected challenges.

The choice between hourly invoicing and project-based invoicing will depend on the nature of the project, the level of detail in the design brief, and the client's preferences. Some designers may prefer one method, while others offer both options to cater to a broader range of clients. 

Invoice Your Logo Design Clients Faster Using Portant

While having a logo design invoice template saves you time and headaches creating one from scratch, entering different data into each of your client invoices becomes time-consuming, let alone sending them out. 

At Portant, we thought of that too; that’s why you can automate our Google Sheets invoice template providing you with the features of dynamically pulling in client data, connecting your email to our platform, and sending invoices right after completion. 

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