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Use cases

PDF Generation, Invoices, Proposals, Contracts with eSignatures, and more

Portant's integration with Copper transforms how you create, share, and sign documents directly from your CRM data. This powerful combination automates document generation, leveraging Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms, making it ideal for contracts, invoices, proposals, and more. Activate the integration to seamlessly merge Copper data into custom documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy across your sales processes.

Activating the Copper Integration in Portant:

Navigate to Portant's Integrations page on Copper Marketplace.

↪ Choose 'install app' button in the header.
↪ Connect your Copper account with Portant.
↪ Use Portant's templates and automation features to enhance your document workflows.

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This integration not only saves time but also ensures your documents are beautifully formatted and error-free. Whether you're generating pitch decks, sales letters, quotes, or any other sales document, Portant and Copper streamline your workflows, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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