How to Create a Marketing Invoice: Template and Tips for Faster Payment

January 26, 2024

Boost customer success with marketing invoices! Learn why, how, and when to send them, plus use our suggested FREE invoice-creating solution to kickstart your game.

James Fyfe
Co-founder - CEO

Creating a marketing invoice can seem complicated, but with careful guidelines and know-how, it can be simpler than you think. 

Read on to discover how to craft an effective invoice with an easily customizable template and expert tips for securing faster payments. 

We will also share an easy-to-use tool that reflects your brand's image, offering you a professional pre-built template, but it also helps streamline your payment process. 

Get ready to spruce up your billing process like a pro!

Why Do Marketers Need a Professional Marketing Invoice?

The necessity for a professional marketing invoice goes beyond its financial record-keeping role. It becomes crucial for nurturing client relationships and balancing professional documentation and business acumen.

The invoice represents the value of working with your clients on marketing campaigns.

It's not just about tracking payments; it's like a custom-made item showing the marketing company's dedication, creativity, and hard work. 

It turns a simple business transaction into a partnership, where every number isn't just about money but also about the results of working together to make an impact in the market and be successful.

What Marketing Services Need an Invoice?

Different marketing services need careful invoicing to ensure payments are timely and accurate. Digital marketing services, such as SEO, PPC, and social media management, benefit from detailed invoices. 

Digital marketers in the complex online promotions and analytics world need a clear breakdown of their services to ensure everyone understands their work. 

Freelancers in marketing who design graphics or handle public relations also need invoices that fit their work to show its value. 

For more significant marketing projects involving agencies, invoicing isn't just about individual services but the total cost of the whole campaign. 

That's why it's essential to use a good marketing invoice template that shows all the different parts of the services.

Portant's Invoice Template Sample
Download the Invoice Template

Whether it's social media marketing, paid ads, or giving strategic advice, using professional invoice templates makes sure all the details get to clients the right way, making the invoicing process clear and straightforward.

How to Create a Marketing Invoice?

Crafting a marketing invoice involves essential steps:

1. Start by adding your contact details and logo for a professional touch.

Business Information Field - Portant's Invoice Template Sample

2. Clearly detail provided services, including dates, descriptions, and associated costs.

3. Calculate the total amount, incorporating relevant taxes.

4. Specify payment terms and methods, indicating due dates.

Payment terms sample in Portant's Invoice Template

5. Ensure sequential numbering for organizational clarity.

6. Conclude with a courteous yet firm payment request.

7. Utilize easy-to-understand language and a refined layout for effective communication.

When is a Good Time to Send a Marketing Invoice to Your Customers?

Choosing a good moment to send a marketing invoice is an important factor in you getting paid faster or having to wait for the payment to be completed. Ideally, align it with project milestones or the completion of deliverables to capitalize on positive momentum. 

Consider clients' billing cycles for smoother payment processing. Balancing timely invoicing with allowing sufficient time for client review reflects a considerate approach, expediting cash flow and contributing to a positive client experience.

Invoice Marketing Services Tips

Here are some important tips to enhance your marketing invoicing process:

  1. Detailed Service Breakdown: Itemize each service with associated costs for transparency.
  2. Late Payment Penalties: Motivate timely payments by incorporating penalties.
  3. Utilize Invoicing Software: Streamline the process and enhance efficiency.

Implementing these tips strengthens your financial foundation and projects professionalism in conducting business. 

Portant’s Marketing Invoice Template vs. Other Marketing Invoice Templates

Features Portant Most Competitors
Google Sheets Integration Seamlessly write invoices from Google Sheets. Lack of integration with Google Sheets.
Automation Ease Easily automate invoicing with a few clicks. Require manual data entry.
Customization Options Customize invoice templates. Limited flexibility in template customization.
Multiple Document Support Connect multiple documents for varied needs. Limited capability to link various documents.
Data Grouping Efficiently insert multiple rows into invoices. Not supporting data grouping for complex invoices.
Email Integration Email integration option. Missing email integration.
Email Customization Easily customize email content and sender. Limited control over email customization.
Workflow Testing Test and validate workflows before automation. Limited or no testing options in some competitors.
Output Storage Invoices are stored in a designated Google Drive folder. Storage location may vary and lack integration.

Portant excels with robust features, seamless Google Sheets integration, and automation capabilities. It supports customization, multiple document connections, and data grouping, offering a personalized touch. Portant's testing options ensure a smooth invoicing process. 

In contrast, competitors may lack integrations, customization, and testing capabilities, making Portant a versatile and user-friendly choice for automated invoicing.

Creating a Marketing Invoice Using Portant is Easy

Crafting a marketing invoice with Portant is a seamless and user-friendly process that blends efficiency with professionalism. The platform facilitates a detailed breakdown of services, allowing users to articulate the scope of marketing work clearly and precisely.

Leveraging its intuitive features, Portant enables the inclusion of company details and logos, lending a polished touch to the invoice. The structured templates and customizable elements streamline creating a well-organized invoice, ensuring that every service and corresponding cost is accurately presented.

How much time does it take to create your next marketing invoice? It takes a few minutes.

With Portant’s Google Sheets invoice template, you can automate your invoicing process from creation to dynamically adding data to each new customer invoice you issue and sending your invoices via email - all within Portant’s intuitive platform.   

Sign up for a free account and give it a try yourself.

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