Make certificates in minutes

Add tags to a certificate template, connect a spreadsheet and start generating certificates.
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Make certificates in minutes

You can make certificates using Google Slides in a few easy steps. It is simple to place images, dates, awards and names into your certificates. After you've installed Portant Data Merge, you open add-on in your Google Slides certificate file, then connect a spreadsheet, after that you add column tags, and then click 'Create', and voila!, you’ve just made a batch of certificates!

With Portant’s easy-to-use automation tools that work with Google Workspace, you can create batches of certificates in minutes, no coding experience needed!

With Portant you can connect a spreadsheet to a template, click a few buttons and certificates will be magically generated. You can automatically share them via email or export them as pdfs. Just select the options you require and place your certificates on autopilot.

How to Make Certificates

Open template

Select the Google Slides certificate template

Connect Sheet

Connect a file that holds the data for each certificate
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Add tags

Add tags into the template and select your settings


Create certificates for each row in your spreadsheet

'How to make certificates in Google Slides' tutorial

Eliminate unnecessary manual work

Give people the recognition they deserve without manually creating each certificate, saving you the time and effort of copy/pasting. Whether you’re awarding employees for their loyalty or certifying the completion of your online training course, automate your certificates that they will remember.

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Make your certificates more accurate

There is nothing more embarrassing than a typo in a certificate. With Portant, all data is sourced from the original spreadsheet. This means you won’t have to worry about mistakes from copying and pasting or manual data entry. Plus, your formatting is guaranteed to be consistent on all your certificates.

Built into Google Workspace

Make certificates with the tools you already use - Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. Portant is integrated into the Google Workspace, so it’s available on the platforms you’re comfortable with. Portant will help to turbo charge your certificate workflows so you can hit all your goals.

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What they say about Portant

Antoine A.


“Not only did Portant Data Merge perfectly met our requirements, but their customer support was also perfect.”

Jennifer C-T


"Couldn't find an add on that would merge spreadsheet data to slides including photos and now I have. Also, amazing customer service"

Russel L.


"Portant is going to be a game-changer. This add-on is powerful, intuitive and adaptable to a variety of uses"

Grégoire D.
systems engineer


"Excellent team, great add-on. I found a small bug, submitted it: they corrected it within 5 minutes. I recommend."

Rachel G


"Easy to use and a great team! I emailed a question and they got back to me so quickly! I will be using this program for all sorts of stuff!"

Anthony J.


“Super helpful add-on. Makes life easier, saves time and helps keep your focus on the important things.”

More than just making certificates

You can do a lot more than make certificates with Portant. Portant is a fully-fledged online document automation solution that can optimise many different document flows. You can use our online document automation platform to optimise your repetitive work, so you can get back to doing the work you enjoy.

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