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Use our eSign contract template to automate agreements using Google Docs
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Automate your Contracts with eSign

You can automate agreements from our Google Docs sign template in a few easy steps. It is simple to create electronic signatures with your contracts. After you've opened Portant Workflow, copy the Google Docs contract workflow, connect your source, then customise your template and finally click 'Automate', and voila!, you’ve automated your contracts with eSign!

We know how painful and monotonous it can be to copy and paste data into an contract template and then request someone to sign it. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue.

With Portant you can copy our contract template, click a few buttons and recipients will be requested to sing contracts using Portant's online portal. Once everyone has signed, the contracts will be automatically shared via customised emails. Signing contracts has never been so easy, just select the options you require and place your eSignatures on autopilot.

How to eSign Contracts using Google Doc templates

Select Form
Select the Form that triggers the contract to be sent
Connect Template
Connect a Google Docs contract template
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Add Tags
Click 'insert' to place tags in a  Doc template
Then request signatures when you receive a form response

'How to eSign contracts with Google Docs' tutorial

Step 1 - Copy our eSign template

To copy our esign template - first log in via your Google account and then authorise Portant to place the files in your drive.

Copy eSign contact
*Only works on desktops

Step 2 - Choose your own agreement file (optional)

When you copy the template, Portant will create a Google Docs contract template and form automatically. However you can select your own Google Docs contract template if you have one.
If you select a new spreadsheet/form, remember to update the tags in your template document.

Step 3 - Customise the  template (optional)

If you have added your own contract template, you will need to open the document block and add tags into your document.

Copy a tag from the source table

Step 4 - Turn on Auto-create 🎉

Turn on auto-create, and every time your workflow runs, the recipients will be asked to create electronic signatures. The signed documents will also be emailed to you, your customers and also stored in a folder in your Google Drive.

Easy as that 🙌

Eliminate unnecessary manual work

Portant's electronic signature software removes manual data entry from your life. Online contract signing enables you to get back to the more important stuff.

An animation showing documents being created every time a new line is created in a spreadsheet.
An animation showing text and images being automatically placed inside a Google Presentation.

Make your agreements more accurate

Typos should be a thing of the past. With Portant's contract template, all data is sourced from the respondent's form response. Plus, your contract formatting is guaranteed to be consistent. So when your recipient gets to the online contract signing stage, they sign it within minutes.

Built into Google Workspace

Request recipients to sign contracts with the tools you already use - Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. Automating online contract signing using an eSign template will help to turbo charge your workflows so you can hit all your goals.

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