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Connect your Google Sheet to an invoice template, and automate your invoice process.

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You can create invoices automatically from Google Sheets in a few easy steps. It is simple to use Portant as a free Google Sheets invoice template which contains all kinds of different elements including your logo, unique invoice numbers, payment terms and contact information. After you've opened Portant Workflow, select your Google Sheet, then connect a Google Docs invoice template, customise your blank invoice template with column tags, attach it to an email and finally click 'Start automation', and voila!, you’ve automated your invoicing from Google Sheets!

We know how painful and monotonous it can be to copy and paste invoice data into invoice templates, double check all the information is correct, save it as a pdf and then send the invoice to your customers. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue.

With Portant you can connect a Google Sheet to an invoice template, click a few buttons and invoices will be magically generated and sent whenever you need to. You can also customise the email and who it's sent from (e.g It's easy to place your invoicing on autopilot.

How to automate an invoice in Google Sheets

Open Sheet

Select the Sheet you want to create invoices from.

Connect Template

Connect a Google Doc invoice template


Click 'insert' to place tags in your invoice template

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How It Works

Step 1 - Select your Sheet

To select your Google Sheet - first log in via your Google account and then authorise Portant to view your Sheets. You can get started by copying this template:

Step 2 - Select your invoice template

When you connect your Google Sheet, you can replace our invoice template with your own if you have one prepared already or edit our one. Also, you can connect multiple documents (e.g. if you need to send a contract with an invoice 😀)


Eliminate unnecessary manual work

Automatically creating invoices from Google Sheets removes manual data entry from your life, saving you the time and effort of copy/pasting or retyping. Automatically creating invoices enables you to get back to the more important stuff.

Make your documents more accurate

Typos should be a thing of the past. With our free Google Sheets invoice template, all data is sourced from the original Spreadsheet. Plus, your invoices will be saved with a consistent naming structure in your Google Drive.

What they say about Portant

This product is a gamechanger for all of those painful manual document merges, love what you and the team have built!
Matthew B.
Founder & Leadership at Upflowy
Love this product, have been using it for over a year and the integration to Google Workspace is awesome. I've provided feedback in the past and these features are now in the product so lots of credit for listening to your users!
Duncan I.
Web, Google & WordPress
Portant takes the boring repetition out of my invoicing, plus I’m now creating personalised slideshows for each of my clients, all automatically. Wish I’d had this sooner!
Alec B.
Lead UX Architect
Portant is incredible! With Portant's AI feature, I generated a marketing plan tactic in seconds and totally automated from a Google Form. I can't wait to launch my lead generation campaign using this tool.
Luján D.
Portant helps us automate workflows related to many document types - proposals, invoices, contracts, and pitch decks. It saves us time generating the documents and has eSign built in. Portant's customer support are very responsive to any questions or feature suggestions too.
Collis M.
Technology, Software
From a single master database I can create mail merged .pdfs, emails envelopes and multiple forms. Tech support has been absolutely incredible, responsive and personal.
Greg P
Large Nonprofit
This software brilliantly takes over the tedious process of creating and sending invoices, a task that used to consume a considerable chunk of my time. With just a few clicks, I can now generate invoices, dispatch them to clients, and maintain a systematic record in Google Sheets. This not only saves time but massively reduces errors of data entry.
Lukas G.
E-commerce Business Owner
Truly a gamechanger! There are a number of things that I want to do but doing manually would waste a ton of time. Portant streamlines these tasks and allows me to focus on the things that require my attention and problem-solving!
Jordan H.
Adminstrator, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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