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Frequently asked questions

How do I install the Google Workspace Add-on?

1. Go to this url and install the add-on:
2. Then open the add-on by selecting: Add-on > Data Sourcer > Start
3. Insert simple markers to indicate where you want each answer to be placed in the final document.
4. Instantly send requests to people to answer your form or schedule the request to be made in the future.
5. The status shows the people’s progress so you can see who you’re still waiting on answers from

I got an error as soon as I opened the Add-on?

There is currently an issue with Google when the Portant Add-on first opens. The first thing that happens is that Google makes sure you have access to that document and you are the owner of the document. When this error occurs, the Portant Data Sourcer Add-on displays an error message.

To resolve this error, please log out of your default Google Account then you will be able to use the Add-on with the account you installed it on.

For more details, please click here

Portant thinks I am not the owner of the document

Unfortunately we don't currently support multiple users. If a document is shared with you but another user has created the document and added Data Sources you will not be able to edit the sources via the add-on.

I have an idea for a feature, what should I do?

We love hearing about how you would improve the app, please let us know at and let us know what you think would be a good addition.