Full Stack Developer

About the Role

We are looking for candidates who love to build cool shit! This role is not only about writing code but is tightly integrated into the product development loop. This means being involved with the design process and making touch points with every stage in the iteration process. 

As we are making some of our very first hires, not only will you receive equity options within the company, but there is also the opportunity for unlimited growth as the company scales.

As a Full Stack Developer at Portant you will be building out functionality for our primary web app "Portant Workflow" along with implementing the required backend infrastructure for these features. You will primarily be working on brand new features in both the user facing context and behind the scenes. This includes implementing new functionality for the automation processes to help deliver these new features in full.

What we’re looking for

We believe the most important attribute in a developer is passion and willingness to learn. A display of ambition shown through personal projects is just as, if not a lot more, valuable to us than a university degree. For this role specifically we are looking for candidates who have...

• Experience in Javascript

• Experience or interest in learning Typescript

• Experience or interest in learning React

• Experience or interest in learning Django/Django Rest Framework

• Experience in Python

• Experience building REST APIs

• Familiarity with Git

About us

Portant is a startup on a mission to delete repetition from the workday. We’re building a suite of document automation tools that allow users to focus on what really matters. We are in the process of scaling which includes growing our team.

Since we are making our first hires we are committed to establishing a strong culture from day one. We believe in flexible times, asynchronous/remote work, autonomy, and ownership - all while having fun. At Portant we take a strong product-led approach by listening closely to customers and iterating quickly with a “just ship it” attitude.

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