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Select a Google Form, add tags to a Outlook email template, and send custom emails from from responses for free.
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*Only works on desktops
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Convert Google Form responses to Outlook emails

You can convert Google Forms responses into documents for free in a few easy steps. It is simple to create Google Docs which contain all kinds of different question responses including images, dates, numbers and text. After you've opened Portant Workflow on your computer, select your Google Form, then connect a Google Docs template and add question response tags to your document. After you're setup, turn on auto-create, and voila!, you’ve automated Google Forms responses into Google Docs!

We know how painful and monotonous it can be to copy and paste form responses into documents and then export them as PDFs. That’s why we’ve come to the rescue.With Portant you can connect your Google Form, click a few buttons and PDFs will be magically generated whenever you receive a response. You can then share the PDFs via customised emails. Just select the options you require and place your documentation on autopilot.Portant can also convert Google Forms to Docs

How to convert Google Form responses to Outlook emails

Open Form

Select the Form you want to create emails from.

Connect Template

Connect and edit an Outlook template

Add tags

Click 'insert' to place tags in an Outlook template

'How to convert Form responses to Outlook emails' tutorial

Step 1 - Select your Form

To select your Google Form - first log in via your Google account and then authorise Portant to access your Google Forms. Then search for your Form and add it to Portant

Select Google Form
*Only works on desktops
Select a forms source
Chose your PDF template file

Step 2 - Choose your document template

When you link your Google Forms, you can search and select your own Google Doc if you have something prepared already or create a new document. Also, you can connect multiple documents or different apps (if you want 😀)

Step 3 - Customise the template

Open the document block and add tags into your document. You can edit the document and add additional information within Portant. Also, you can format the tags and the form data will be inserted using the same format (for example: bold, italic, colour etc)

Copy a tag from the source table
Auto-create is on

Step 4 - Turn on Auto-create 🎉

Now the apps are connected and setup, turn on Auto-create and  submit a response to your form to test the workflow. The new Google Docs will be stored in a folder made in your Google Drive, which can be edited on the 'Outputs' page.