Portant Workflow - Adding images into your template

Updated on:
May 20, 2022

Portant Workflow can add images into your template. All you have to do is identify a source row as an image and insert the tag as normal and after that you can edit the size of the image.

1. Identify source row as an image

In the source Table open the drop down, select to insert value as ‘image’ and then you can copy the tag.

Identify tag as an image
Note - only publicly accessible urls that store images in .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif file formats are supported. Unfortunately, in Google Sheets, images stored in cells can not be inserted.

2a. Resize the image - Slides

Then paste the tag in it’s own text box in a slide, right click on the text box, click ‘text fitting’, select ‘turn off auto-fit’ and resize the text box to suit your design like this:

Resize image text box

You can also delete all the ‘help text’ within the box apart from the tag e.g. {{Image}}

Inserted images are always placed into the document with a locked aspect ratio (Portant doesn't distort any images to fit the text box). If an inserted image has a different ratio to the text box, Portant scales the image to the maximum size it can be within the bounds of the text box whilst maintaining the original image ratio.

Note - any text stored in the same text box as the image tag will be removed in the output file.

2b. Resize the image - Docs

Then paste the tag in you document:

Paste image tag in a Doc

After you paste the image tag in your document you can edit the size options, if you delete the size option the image will be added with a width of 400 maintaining the aspect ratio.

All size options:

  • Just Width - maintains image ratio e.g. {{Image | width=400}}
  • Just Height - maintains image ratio e.g. {{Image | height=400}}
  • Width and Height - skews image to specified size {{Image | width=400, height=200}} you can also use a shorthand way {{Image | 200x400}}

Please note, in Google Docs, images can only be placed as in-line images. ('wrap', 'break', 'behind', 'in front' image options are not possible in a data merge, including images in headers and footers). If you need to change the layer order of an image in a document please use a Google Slides template (In Google Slides it's possible to have images on multiple layers).

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