How to automatically generate PDFs from Google Forms

Updated on:
July 19, 2022

This article will show you how to set up a workflow that produces PDFs every time a Google Form response is submitted. Google Forms is the perfect source if you would like to create a workflow that creates documents every time someone completes a form.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  1. Select a Google Form as the source for your workflow
  2. Customise a document with the form answers
  3. Turn on the workflow

Create and name a new Workflow

The first step is to create a new workflow by clicking the 'New Workflow' button in the top right hand corner

New Workflow button

When you click this button the first thing you will be asked to do is to name your workflow, pick an icon and a colour.

Input Workflow name options

After you have entered your name and selected your icon and colour set, click 'Create'.

Select a Google Form as the source for your workflow

After you have named your workflow you will be presented with options on where you'd like to source your data from. Click Google Forms:

Select a source for your workflow

Then click to create a new Google Form, unless you have prepared one already:

Create a new Form or select one from your drive

After you have picked your Google Form or created a new one, Portant will open the form so you can check if everything is expected

The Google Form Block options

From this view you can open the form to edit the questions or appearance, or you can copy the public link. Or you can even click the '✎ Change selected file' in the top right to select a new Google Form

After you have checked everything, click the back icon next to the file name.

How to exit the Google Form Block

Customise a document template with the Form answers

The next step is to add another block to your workflow. Click the button directly under the Form block called ' Add Block'

Add a new block to your workflow

This will display options of what type of documents you can create (or an email), in this example we are going to pick a Google Doc.

New block options for your workflow

You will then be asked if you would like to create a Doc from scratch or select one you've prepared earlier

Create a new doc or select one from your Drive

When you have selected your document, Portant will open it and you will be able to customise the document with Form answers.

Google Doc Block options

In the top right of the page is something e call the Sources Table. It displays all the questions in your form.

Google Doc Block Source Table

If you want to place a form question answer into the document, click copy and the paste the {{tag}} in your document.

Copy a Form tag

You can also add image tags to documents and presentations, and customise tags by clicking on the row.

When you have customised the document, you should then format how each output document will be named, by placing tags in the 'Output Name' field here

Output name field

Below the Output name field there is the option to save the documents as PDF

Turn on Save as PDF

This is the final step to customise your document. After completing this you can then exit the document block and turn on your workflow.

Turn on the workflow (and test)

When you have finished setting up your workflow, toggle the Auto-create button ON. This means that any form response that is submitted will be passed through the workflow and generate documents.

Turn on Auto-create

After this, open your form and submit a response to check it is working correctly. If it is, documents should be created in your 'Outputs' tab

Output folder location

Voila! You've just created your first workflow 🎉

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